About Us

Founded in 1984, the New York Irish History Roundtable promotes interest in and research on the 300-year history of people of Irish heritage in New York City. Its purpose is to provide opportunities to exchange information, and for members to learn from each other, about the complex relationship between the Irish and New York City since the colonial period. It sponsors lectures, fieldtrips, walking tours, special projects, graduate and undergraduate scholarships, museum exhibitions, genealogy workshops, newsletters and an annual journal, New York Irish History.

The New York Irish History Roundtable is a non-denominational, non-political, registered not-for-profit corporation. Its members include both professional and amateur historians and genealogists.

Membership is open to all.

New York Irish History Roundtable Officers, 2006-2008

Charles Laverty, President
John T. Ridge, Vice President for Local History
James E. Garrity, Vice President for Family History
Ann M. Shea, Treasurer
Frank P. Naughton, Corresponding Secretary
Robert J. McGrath, Membership Secretary


7 Responses to About Us

  1. Jim Henderson says:

    Hi, Do I need to register for Researching Genealogical Resources in Ireland Long-Distance? I sent you an email a few weeks ago but it bounced back. You may want to add a contact number or email address to the website & blog.



  2. Terry Hunt says:

    Hi there
    Do you provide information about people as im looking for my grandmothers sister who worked in new york about 1930 from ireland,
    Terry Hunt

    • Hello Terry,

      No, unfortunately we cannot do research for individuals, as we are a totally volunteer organization. There are many professional researchers in the New York City area that might be able to assist you, though.

      Thank you for your query, though.

      Jim Garrity

    • Hi Terry,

      The Roundtable is an all-volunteer organization, so no, we are not in a position to assist people with searches for long-lost relatives. There are genealogists here in New York City who would be willing to work with you on this search, though.

      If you need help in finding one, just let us know.

      Thank you,

      Jim Garrity

  3. Bernard O'Brien says:

    Please add me to your e-mail list for notification of all future events. Thanks very much.

  4. Hello, I am the Secretary for the Kerrymen’s P&B Association, a non profit 501 C-4 organizations, and am interested in posting a PDF of an article written by John T. Ridge on our website: http://kerrymen.com/ from vol. 23, 2009 on the NY and County Kerry, 1851-1930. I am seeking your permission to do so as your article is a great history of our organization that would be very engaging and illuminating to our members. Mr. Ridge’s research on the origin of our Association in respect to the effects of the Lansdowne Evictions, the importance of the NY and Irish Press and the growth of the Paper guild and its impact on employment of Kerrymen, and the Kerrymen’s Picnic, the Annual Ball & Kerry Ladies influence in strengthening our membership rolls, and the numerous beneficial commitments to aid others over the years undertaken by the Association, is a tremendous work and worth sharing with our members. We currently have 100 members on our email list and growing and have had 1500 hits on our current website, which opened on the web last year in April. Your article is also relevant today with connecting our County Association history with current Irish immigrant members and new members today’s story about coming to America and points further to the need of today’s Irish / Irish Americans communities in reforming US immigration policy as it is sad to hear the plight of hard working, honest people who have families on both sides of the spectrum hurting. The defeat of the Dream Act by one vote in the Senate this weekend, highlights a call for for much more sustained efforts in aggressively marshalling votes of our representatives, making an impact towards this end and helping our families links. Prof. Miriam Nyhan can vouch for my credentials as to my reputability.
    Neil Callaghan

    • Dear Mr. Callaghan,

      The Roundtable requires that requests for use or republication of copyrighted articles in New York Irish History be submitted to us via postal mail so that the question may be put before our Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

      Our address is:
      New York Irish History Roundtable
      Post Office Box 2087
      Church Street Station
      New York, NY 10008-2087

      Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas to you and everyone in the Kerrymen’s P&B Association!

      Jim Garrity
      Vice President for Family History
      New York Irish History Roundtable

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