N. Y. Times Profile of Woodside, Queens

March 28, 2008

Those of you who are not regular readers of the Sunday N. Y. Times real estate section may have missed the recent profile of Woodside, Queens, Cheap, Convenient and Teeming.” The article notes the substantial if dwindling Irish community there, and goes on to tell about new immigrants from all over the world who now make the neighborhood their home.

As this isDonovan's Pub in Woodside, N.Y. in the real estate section, the article devotes space to the prices of houses, co-ops, and rental apartments—which are affordable, at least when compared to those in nearby Manhattan. The piece also talks about the abundant public transportation, including subway lines and the Long Island Railroad. Among the “things to do” in Woodside the article gives a favorable mention to the burgers at Donovan’s Pub on Roosevelt Avenue.