Irish art collective Grúpat at the Chelsea Museum

April 15 – May 15

featuring the work of the Irish Art collective Grúpat


“Irish Need Not Apply” features work by the notorious Irish art collective Grúpat. The collective’s work ranges from love letters written by teenage Dubliners to the costumes of drag flaneur The Dowager Marchylove and presentations of previously unexhibited 17th century Irish alchemical

vessels. This exhibition is curated by internationally renowned composer Jennifer Walshe.

“whimsical but radical” Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“…leaps of intuition and creativity; there is at points something like an ecstasy of making here…..something that is so much more than the sum of its parts” Luise Gray, The Wire

See the Village Voice article

Grúpat is an international arts collective based in Tallaght, County Dublin, Ireland. The collective works primarily in sound, with work ranging from strictly-notated compositions for classic ensembles to graphic scores, sonic sculptures, sound installations and interventions in both the public and private sphere.

The Chelsea Art Museum   556 West 22nd Street  New York, NY 10011  212.255.0719

Admission $8 adults, $4 students and seniors, free for members and visitors 16 and under

Open Tues – Sat 11am to 6 pm  Thursday 11am to 8 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday


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