Free Digital Access to The Irish Times, 1859-2009!

Irish Times Digital Archive

The Irish Times is celebrating their 150th year in circulation by allowing the public free access to the newspaper’s digital archives, going all the way back to March 29th, 1859!

This free access won’t last long, though–it expires on April 5th, 2009, so do your genealogical/historical searching NOW, folks!!!

The URL is:
Happy Searching!

Jim Garrity


2 Responses to Free Digital Access to The Irish Times, 1859-2009!

  1. Joy Rich says:

    Thanks for the alert, Jim. This should prove interesting and useful.

  2. julie beveridge says:

    I am looking for a shipping label that the Sisters of Mercy would have had on their travelling trunks when they migrated to Australia. I work at Sacred Heart College Geelong which was set up up the Sisters of Mercy on 18th April 1860 so we are celebrating our 150th anniversary next year. We are making 4 bollards to represent the nun’s who started the school and one of them will have a travelling case on which we would like to have labels that mention her departure point and arrival point. Are you able to help in any way? It would be very much appreciated by the group of students who are making these bollards with a visiting artist. Thanks, Julie

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