Lower East Side Tenement Museum Readies Irish Immigrant Apartment for June 12th Opening

(Courtesy of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum)

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is getting ready to unveil a new apartment later this spring, and for the first time, an Irish immigrant family’s living conditions in the late 1860s will be featured.

On June 12 the Museum will unveil its first restored apartment since 2002. The new tour tells the story of the Moores, immigrants from Ireland, and explores themes such as public health and sanitation on the Lower East Side.

Uninhabited for the past 50 years, this apartment on the 4th floor of the tenement building will become the 1869 home of the Moore family. To recreate the 1860s, walls have to be moved, doors must be replaced and windows covered. Check the Tenement Museum’s webpage next month to see their progress.

Coincidentally, this very same Moore Family were parishioners at Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, where the New York Irish History Roundtable held several very popular tours back in 2006, and where the Roundtable co-sponsored an Irish language Mass this past March 14th to celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick.


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